GS Manufacture


The visionaries:

Gerhard Stefan and Philipp Göller found GS Manufactur in 2015


Trained automotive mechatronics engineer and master craftsman who has the vision to implement and produce his unique skills in GS Manufacture.

Early on, the spark of enthusiasm jumped from father to son. The natural tensions between the generations were given a task, uniting forces and developing new energies.

Both are united by the enthusiasm for Porsche and the vision to recreate the Porsche model 964 of the 90s according to their own ideas, to develop an apparatus that combines the charisma of the F model and the technical advancement of the 964 model and to do this in their own workshop.

In this way, the father’s many years of experience in Porsche restoration merge with the son’s skills and vision to create the “GS 964”.

The apparatus GS 964

The experience of the past and the healthy present, with the power and skills of the son, form a good basis for the successful development of GS Manufacture in the future.

German Design Award 2020

In 2020, the time had come. The machine was knighted and the jury of the renowned German Design Awards chose the design as the winner in the Passenger Vehicles section. Philipp Göller and Gerhard Stefan collected their certificate at the Frankfurt Fair during the announcement of the finalists. Visibly satisfied they accept the certificate.