The winner 2020

The apperatus GS 964

The „apperatus“ GS 964 has been awarded the German Design Award Winner 2020 in Frankfurt.

Gerhard Stefan and Philipp Göller establish their “apparatus” GS 964 in February in Frankfurt.

In 2020, the “apparatus” GS 964 and Gerhard Stefan with his son were awarded by the German Design Award as the Winner in 2020. This awards innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers that are groundbreaking in the German and international design landscape. This is guaranteed by the top-class international jury. The German Design Award Winner discovers and presents unique design trends: an award that advances the design-oriented economy.

Submitted description for nomination:

GS 964 means the design and development of an independent sports car. Built on the basis of a PORSCHE Type 964 Construction year 1989-1993. Redesign of the exterior design such as all fenders, both bumpers, side panels, all lighting units. Completely redesigned the interior such as: Dashboard, seats, increase of engine power, optimization of the chassis, adjustment of the braking system. Merging of all components developed by us to the “apparatus”.

The jury’s reasoning:

The design combines the Porsche classic with modern elements to create an extraordinary model that embodies pure emotion. An impressive design work that is coherent in every detail, formally and technically, as well as on the outside and inside.

On the German Design Award Winner, Philipp Göller summarizes: “We are proud of our award. It is an incentive for us to keep improving.” Gerhard Stefan adds, “Among other things, that means constant further development in weight reduction, engine performance, chassis adjustment and incorporating even more experience from racing.”

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